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So, yes. This isn’t a book review. But it is writing related. I, personally, struggle with writing drafts in time. So I searched up some solutions and I found NaNoWriMo! It’s short form for National Novel Writing Month. You can make an account and write a book. The challenge is, they only give you up to 31 days (max.) to finish your first draft of your ENTIRE novel! Of course, it’s not mandatory to do it exactly in those days, but it does help you get your writing done on time. It also gives you a word goal for each day so you can...? Idk, but for me, it helps a lot. I really suggest you sign up for an account. Even if you’re under 18. You can sign up for the Young Writers program (which I am signed up for). But FIRST check with your parents to see if it’s ok. Most novels in NaNoWriMo get published too. Have a great writing journey!    ~Lucky

The Darkest Minds

Heyoooooo! So now we’re on The Darkest Minds. I just finished reading this one and it is pretty good!! Though I’m gonna warn you, you’re gonna be so mad at the end. :PPP. Anyways, onto the reviewwww!! (Also, I might post stories that I’ve written onto here :P) *SPOILER ALERTS**cover art* There was a terrible disease that killed more that half of the population of kids in America. But those who survived, found out they had supernatural powers. The day before Ruby’s 10th birthday, she kissed her parents goodnight, unknowingly erasing all of their memories of her with the touch. When she woke up, her parents didn’t remember her and locked her in the garage out of fear, until authority came to take her. They rounded up all of the psi’s, all of the kids with psychic abilities, and took then to a “rehabilitation camp” where they would supposedly cure their powers. They sorted every kid by their powers into 5 groups. Kids who could create fire were in the Red group, kids who could read minds…

Keeper of the Lost Cities (KOTLC)

So this one is definitely one of my all time favorites, along with all of the other books in this series. This series is a bit like Harry Potter and currently has 8.5 books in it. It has the perfect mixture of fantasy, humor, and...scariness? (It’s not exactly horror but there’s not really any other genre for scariness XD) *cover image*
Anyways, the (first) book is about a girl named Sophie Foster. It starts out with her at a high school field trip, explaining that she was not normal; she skipped six grades and could read minds. Then she meets a mysterious boy with (apparently) beautiful teal eyes (*me gagging over here. Don’t pay any attention to me*) and a movie star smile (oh god imma throw up now). The boy, Fitz, explains that she’s an elf. (Oh and did I mention she has a crush on him?). Sophie and Fitz light leap—elves can hitch onto beams of light—to the Lost Cities after leaving her family. Yeah, um so again, stuff happens. Like she gets adopted and stuff. I don’t want to spoil…

Lux- Obsidian

Ok! So I literally just finished reading Obsidian, the 1st book in the Lux series. It’s a great book for paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction lovers. It does have a tiny bit of mature content *cough cough* and some swearing as well. But overall it’s awesome. *Cover Art* The first book is about a girl, Katy Swartz, who moves to West Virginia from Florida after her dad died of cancer...and she find herself pretty attracted to the guy next door. Well, that was before she talked to him and he turned out to be a total jerk. She then becomes great friends with his twin sister, Dee, and for some reason, he, Daemon, doesn’t like her and Dee being friends. Soon, Katy starts to notice that many of the people in town seem odd around her but she can’t figure out why. *SPOILER ALERT AHEADDDD!!!!!!DONT READ IF YOU HAVENT READ THIS BOOK!!!*
*btw, I has no idea why I made this giant gap but...? XD*
And then she finds out that her two neighbors are aliens along with many others in the town. And then…


Hi! It’s Lucky. You can call me either Lucky or Sayali (Saa-yuh-lee). Sayali’s my real name but lots of people know me as Lucky. And Potato. So feel free to call me any of those things :). Anyways, this is my first blog post. You obviously know this is a book review blog. This post is just gonna be some stuff about me before I post my first review post.        Favorite book (series):Lux, KOTLC, Harry Potter, PJO, The Mortal Instruments, Sky Fall Trilogy, Throne of Glass, The Hunger Games, The Darkest Minds,The School for Good and Evil, The UnwantedsThe Witcher (I started reading it. It’s not making very much sense but...🤷🏻‍♀️)and...basically every other AWESOME book that I just can’t remember XD. 
So pretty sure you’ll be seeing a lot of reviews for these books. You’ll probably be seeing my posts soon! ;)~Sayali/Lucky/Evil soggy lazy soupy potato rock duck dino egg cake :)